Thursday, 2 February 2012

The 1st Challenge & Trial in 2012

Hello all. How have you been? :))

I am sure everyone of you out there have got your own new set(s) of resolution for this year. And so do I.

Being a (kinda) new parent, I must admit that I need to become the good, wise and strong Wife and Mother. Obviously, that is my ONE and ONLY resolution for this year of Dragon.

And, you know what, God really tested me on how to become the real strong Mommy. I took it as my first ever tough challenge. It was on January 2nd - 12th, 2012.

Baby Brian had yet turned 9months when he was "visited" by the Chicken Pox (CP) virus. He had just recovered from a mild fever, then, and there came another "illness", again. What a pity and poor little baby having to endure all those trials.

I had my CP when I was 12years old. I could still recall how stressful and painful it was. So, I was assuming every other person on earth would experience the same thing. Looking at Brian's condition, I was so frightened and I got myself so anxious. We brought him to see Dr. June Liew, a private pediatrician. She prescribed three types of medications including the anti virus one.

By the way, what touched me most during that 10days was actually how brave my young man had been. He was stronger than we could ever expected. Despite having all those itchy and reddish spots all over his body, head, palm and sole, Brian could still smile, sleep and get fed the usual way. 

We thank God for giving the wonderful inner strength in Brian. Although he is a small infant still, but he has a very strong will to survive, after all :) The portrait of Brian below proves my say ...

Son, Mommy and Daddy pray that you would and could keep this strength till forever..  God Bless you abundantly !


  1. Kesian baby brian. U must be proud baby brian is strong kan.. God bless u the whole family. Send my kisses to baby brian ;)

    1. Ya mmg kesian dia.. nonstop bah dia kena attack itu ini ni, palng climax so far yg ni CP lah. But, we are so proud of him, no doubt :) Already kissed Brian for Aunty Stella :) Thanks dear..