Wednesday, 18 April 2012

13th April - Blessed Bornday, Son !!

You are now 1year + 5days old Son..

And for the past 366+5 days, you had come across with so many trials - flu, cold, cough, high fever and the most challenging part was when you were attacked by the Chicken Pox virus, and that time you were only about to turn 9-months old.. How tiny you were..

Despite being a very small infant still, you have been so strong to endure with all the trials and it is a real blessing seeing you putting a smile on your face, always and in fact, NEVER FAILED to do so - regardless of your health condition. We are so proud of you, Son..

Certainly, you are the pillar of strength for both Mommy and Daddy.. You are such a blessing and a darling child to have my Son..  THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH..

Let Mommy and Daddy wish you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY ever!! *wink 

Photo was taken at about 5.30 in the morning on
Brian's 1st brithday; 13.04.2012.

p/s: Note his two cute front teeth :)

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