Friday, 20 April 2012

Dare To Be Different

Upside Down House of Borneo, located at Mile 21,
Jalan Telibong, Tamparuli, Sabah. It has been officially
included in the Malaysia Guinness Book of Records.

The first in South East Asia.
Good Job Mr Alexander Yee for being one of the few to BE DIFFERENT !!

In relation to the photo, do allow me to share something here..

A newborn baby is just like an empty tablet.. or a piece of white clean cloth...

There is no two persons in this world are born the same - same as in the features, skin color, shape of the eyes, nose and et cetera.. NO, there is none. God has destined that every human being born is special and of his/her own aura.

Of course when the baby grows up, he/she will be the greatest copycat especially the first 3 years. Copycat means they would take the parents as their role models. Speaking about models, even when we see the models doing the catwalks- they are so good, aren't they? - and usually the ladies, including myself will try to be like the models- CONFIDENT and FULL OF CHARISMA !! The same concept goes to a baby, they would think that the parents or guardians are so PERFECT and they want to be just like them.

Hence, everyone around her especially the parents should give the best example - in our words, in our acts and in our faith, i mean the best you could, anyway. In every aspects, if parents educate good manners to the child, then good the child will be. If parents teach the child in a very harsh way, very strict, very ignorant, very pampering, then..... Well, I shall leave the blank field for you to fill in yourself.

Nevertheless, surely teachers and friends also have a bit of share especially when our children have started going to school BUT, as parents - we can always monitor. Monitor them closely, but make sure we give some space for them. Every creatures on earth needs a little bit of good and positive freedom though.

Based on my OBSERVATIONS- at my working place, at the churches, at the malls or in others' cars while driving, or anywhere - I would say the child normally inherits most of the attitudes or behaviours from the parents/guardians. Thus, when we think our children are not behaving well - LET US NOT PUT THE BLAME ON THEM ALONE, but we look at ourselves instead, and don't just reflect BUT discern.

To recap, if we want our child to become somebody WELL RESPECTED - educate and nurture them well and the child will surely become someone who is DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

The Jipanis'

Baby sister. Jacinta the name :)

Near the upside down Kancil
at the entrance :)

Read here Upside Down House before you make a visit so you will have some ideas, you know.. :) I am so looking forward to having a fruitful weekend so yeah, Thank God It's Friday !!!

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