Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hello, my name is Brian Ji Pa Nis.

Many have noticed or I may say lots of people would say something like these - "Oh dear, the hairs are so few..." "Anduuu... nipisnya rambut Brian" "Alamak... Haluuuussss", so on and so forth..

Those comments have actually been taken a bit seriously by my dear Hubs and he decided to do something about it... *wondering?

Come, let's have a look down here..

Taken at 12.14am on 13.4.2012.
And that is his signature smile.. :)

Daddy     : I think I want to change the locks of Brian.. with a shaver ...

Mommy : Shaver??? N.O !! And thus he used a scissor instead...

Men at work. And Brian was like ..
"OMG..When is this going to end..?"

Photo taken on 14.04.2012 @ 8.16am

And finally, mission accomplished !!

Our SHAOLIN boy !!!
And that is his "surprised & amazed smile" :)

Photo taken about 10minutes later.

Just to conclude this entry, to anyone who would like to have a Kung Fu Performance at any events, please call this little Ah Chai by the name of Brian Ji Pa Nis at his parents mobile numbers. Thank You !! :)

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