Friday, 29 June 2012

Sandakan, The Nature City of Sabah

On 25062012 (Monday). First time boarding a flight with AirAsia. Anxious !

Myself and Evanna at Terminal 2, KKIA.
About to fly off to Sandakan in AK 6096 :)

After our course ended, we grabbed the chance to stroll around the City. My loyal companions were Evanna Carolina Edward and Aaron Dennis Dasan. The first place we went was Sepilok. But too bad I left my handphone at my hotel room *face palm*.  Otherwise, you would be seeing some of our good old friends in photos :(

Being in Sandakan, I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to visit the Agnes Keith House. Not only me, but also my two other friends. We rushed to that House from Sepilok but we were less lucky as we didn't get to buy the ticket. The counter was closed already !! :( So, we just took a look around the house and snapped some photos using Evanna's handphone.

On the ground
In front of the Main Entrance

We got ourselves a bit tired and we decided to have a good Tea Break at the English Tea House and Restaurant :)

We are Happy Kids !!

Blowing kisses to you from Sandakan, with a view of Sulu Ocean

Played golf without the club :P

Chitchatting and snapping

Our Cheese Cake :)

Our Scones and Tea, they promoted "Sabah Tea" :)

Friday (29062012) came and it's time to fly back to our HOMES, yay!!!!

Arrived and Checked In @ Sandakan Airport

Having our drinks before boarding

Overwhelmed. Thrilled. Jumped with joy. I had the Pilots, Crews and Passengers in the AK6097 AirAsia flight wishing me "Happy Birthday" while on board, on our way back to Kota Kinabalu. What a nice gesture !!! :))))

All smiled - who would not? :)

I got people wished me on my 30th Birthday while I was
35,000 feet in the air ~! Woot woooottt :))

To wrap this up, I would want to extend my gratitude to my Boss (es), my Husband Mr Jipanis Suali, my Son Brian Valerian, my colleagues and also to my cool friends while in Sandakan - Evanna Carolina Edward, Aaron Dennis Dasan, Romeo Leo Bojol, Salleh, Mazlan, Liza, Suriati and the list goes on :) We made our educational trip a great one !! :)

And SPECIAL THANKS to the Speaker from INTAN Sabah, Encik Farzi bin Ahmad - ko mimang champin !!! :)))

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