Thursday, 12 July 2012

The MAN in me :)

I always have the great passion in positive aggresive activities, and one of them was this; Territorial Army or in Malay it's called Askar Wataniah. Still don't get it? In a common phrase, it's called Army Volunteer.

This cool hobby of mine had actually taken place in the year of 2005 and 2006. 2005 was the Recruitment Course, and the latter year was a course for us to get a promotion - to a higher rank. Both courses were held at Paradise Camp, Kota Belud Sabah.

Below are the MOST VALUABLE experiences I have gained in my life. And, if you wish to ask me whether I'll be doing it again, my CONCRETE answer is NO. Do not ask, do not query. I have got enough, and I really mean it is E.N.O.U.G.H.

So, read on..

1) I got my whole body burnt by Mr Sun - well, of course with the exception of those hidden under my garment..

2) I got my calves swollen because of "masuk angin" - errr, what do we call that in English? Wind pains? Colic (I thought this is for infants) ? I surrender. Anyone?

3) I sprained my right shoulder after carrying an M16 rifle for 9-hours of walking. An empty M16 weighs 3.25kg or 7.18pounds, okay. Oh yes, plus another grammes for quite a number of live bullets.

4) I had my toes' nails torned - VERRRRY painful, okay.

5) I had a "good-bath-time" in a fish pond at 12am - well, that was actually a punishment after we were caught sleeping in a Captain's class !! 

6) Drank one whole jug of "fresh" tap water. A jug of 1.5 litre, if I could recall. A punishmet, too.. O_o

7) I ever brought 6 raw eggs in a sock, and carried them with me whilst running/walking - in a swamp, then in that wet Army Uniform, still with the eggs, ran up and down a hill. I almost collapsed ! On the other hand, the other guys were actually even cooler. They ran/ walked while carrying a log timber !! Hey peeps, that was actually a game and we really had fun. Seriously.

8) Slept in my man-made "kubu" on top of a hill - it was raining some more and it was really damn cold!!

9) Climbed up a 12-feet tall fort, and jumped from the top to the ground ! *Nasib tidak patah kaki!!*

But whatever it is, those were the things which not everyone would enjoy doing it. I did it twice and I AM VERY PROUD OF IT :)

Hey wait, look at the photos which I scanned and would love to share them with you. Not to show off, but as a proof that I do have a bit of masculinity in myself :)

a PLATOON, all very close, just like good buddies :)

That's me in black Army tee. Was holding the post of Second Lieutenant.
I was instructing my subordinates to do some sketching :)

Giving a  brief explanation to the subordinates

Still in action

Nah, ambik kau!! Hitam itu menawan :)
I really enjoyed this moment.

A humble note :-

I have a very special reason why I am writing this entry. I am indeed very thankful to God that I met my Husband, Mr Jipanis Suali, a very good friend of mine, then.

We get to know each other in 2006. We were in two different platoons, and we both were picked by our Commander to challenge each other to get the Best Student Award. Apparently, luck was on my side :P


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