Sunday, 5 May 2013

I am LOVING it :)


Never crossed my mind
Till somebody suggested it to me
The price is a BOMB, like totally
Luckily I had a partner to do it with me
We got a discount of RM30
But still costly, cause we are NOT wealthy
We managed to persuade the Towkay
To pay by installment
I finished paying mine
And I get it done on 4th May, 2013
The procedure took me only 15minutes
The pains were bearable
It may look odd to you
It may look funny to you
It may look weird to you
But, what the heck
It looks AWESOME to me
Say whatever you want
It will NEVER bring me down
If you like it, praise
If you don't like it, keep quiet
If you envy, go get one done for yourself
I saved 10mins every morning
I don't need to buy the eyebrow pencil no more 
At  least for 5-6 YEARS
 That place is well recommended by many
And, yeah, I count on them
Cause the "produce" is beyond LOVELY
Trust me:)

Much LOVE,

A bit of details, just in case you need them :P

Price : RM680 (I paid RM650, after minus the discount. By INSTALLMENT, okay)
Venue : Monica Beauty & Body Care, Suria Sabah Branch. Level 2, next to Times Bookstore.

Strictly, a NO-NO.

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