Friday, 21 March 2014

Here In My HOME

Happy Friday peeps!!

Yay, this is so happen to be my first entry in this year of Horse. How have you been, friends? I hope you guys are all well and kicking :)

It is the lunch time now, and as usual, I get myself to reading blogs of my friends and others. A few minutes back, I was actually reading someone's (somebody that I really respect) blog and I stumbled upon one of her videos. Very beautfiful.  I watched it, and I wept. The message the song brings is so deep. It touches my heart.

I miss the warmth feeling of togetherness. I miss the feeling of being united, just ONE RACE. NO discriminations. Let us all respect one another, and be ONE.

It is an old song, produced back in 2008. Go watch the vid below. Don't just watch it, but tell the world. Spread the love.

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