Thursday, 18 September 2014

Our SECOND Bundle of Joy ;)

Hello fellas. Greetings to you all !! :)

Yeah, i know, i know, it has been soOoOo long since my last post. And now, I would say, it is so good to be able to have a "sit-back-and-relax-kinda-moment", and of course to be having something good to share with you all :) Well, as my Entry suggests, yeah, it is literally about our second baby. I have shared  the good news on the arrival of our very firstborn; Brian Valerian, about 3 years plus ago. And here I am, sharing another good news :)

Our  second bub was born in the pink of health on the September 2nd, 2014 at 11.41am via C-section, at Hospital Wanita dan Kanak-Kanak (HWKK), Sabah. Since it was in the Government Hospital, so Hubby couldn't take any photos at the first few seconds of baby's life, unlike her older brother. But just to hear her 1st cry was more than enough I could ask for :)

Oh, what's her name?? Just to be honest to you, to have this particular baby in this world was quite a challenge for me. Let me just share what was the challenge about :-

1) I bled at the 5th week, for almost two weeks, non-stop. I went to see Dr. Vijay of Sabah Care Specialist, who is famous enough of his no non-sense facts and also not-too-quick-to-judge (thanks to cousin Dr. Leydra for recommending me to him). If only I happened to go and see other Docs, the possibility was, I would be having a miscarriage. 

2) At 20weeks, Dr. Vijay suspected I would be having a Placenta Praevia (PP). There goes my dream of delivering my baby at the private hospital *sigh*

3) At 30weeks, confirmed PP Type-2 by Dr. Vijay, and seconded by the Obgyn I see at the KKIA Penampang. Was referred to HWKK for future consultations. *cry*

4) At 36weeks, the Obgyn at HWKK said (based on the scan), I can have a normal birth. *happy* But she advised, once I bleed, then I will have to rush to the Emergency Room at HWKK. *goosebump!* Another advise (after I asked), she didn't recommend me to deliver at the private hospital because I have this PP. *sad, again, cry, again*

5) At 37weeks + 1day, just after I had my lunch with a number of colleagues at City Mall, I bled !! Called and informed my Hubby. And an ambulance from my hospital came to the rescue.Was admitted at HWKK, bleeding was on and off.

6) At 37weeks + 5days, baby was born. I finally could SMILE and WEPT MY TEARS OF HAPPINESS. Thank You Jesus.

Now, the name is BETHANY SOPHIA. There are actually justified meanings for that name, but let Hubby and I just keep it to ourselves. Btw, her nick is Sophia :)

One- Day old Sophia with Mom & Dad :)

Mummy changing nappies
Mom, eldest and youngest sisters
came to visit Sophia :)

With proud Daddy :)

With happy Mom :)

Brian is so content :)

Playing with his sister :)
The WHOLEEE FAMILY came to visit !! *happy*

Her tiny left foot resting
on Daddy's palm :)

Last but not least, before I shut my lappy down, I would love to extend my gratitude and special thanks to everyone involved. You know who you are. I may not be able to return your kind help physically, but I assure you of my prayers, that God will always shower you all with His blessings. Amen.