Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Some of the great memories..

Taken at the Baptism Day of Myra on 14th September 2003
at St. Thomas Catholic Church, Kepayan.
Here with my babysister as well :)

Taken at 1Borneo in 2008. Still very slim though and she has a
very natural good talent to pose in front of the camera !!

Myra LIKES to make surprises and she LOVES to impress people.
There was one morning back in the year of 2008, when I was taking
my bath to get ready to work, then I heard a knock on the bathroom door.
It was Myra and she said something like this;
"Aunty, later you check your drawer okay.. and Bye!!" Then I replied; "Okay.. Bye Myra!!"
Being so creative, I guess she knew which drawer I would open first
and look what I've found - A handmade LOVE. I was so touched
and impressed. She was just a Kindy and this gesture was

I still keep this till today :)

As soon as I got back home from a 3-day trip in Labuan, I just
couldn't get myself happier when I found this note underneath my
bedroom door !! >_<

It was on the last two Thursdays (May 10th, 2012) when a
minor accident happened while playing with Brian.
She felt so guilty and she cried. And, she even wrote a note of apology to Brian.
Very thoughtful and touching indeed :)

This photo was taken in conjunction
with the Mother's Day celeb 2012 :)

Happy 9th Birthday Myra!!!
I hope you will find my gift a cool one ~!!  >____<

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