Monday, 25 July 2011

The Journey of Wonderful 9-MooNs

Greetings ~!!

It is a dream of all married couples, or perhaps 9 out of 10 couples, to start and have a family of their own. Hence, that was the case to Hubby & I. When we got married, I was near to the figure of 3-0 and my Hubby himself has already passed that number!! A month prior to our Church Wedding, we had come to an agreement that we shall have our own kid/kids once we tied the knot. To make this happen, apart from putting some efforts, we of course said our Novena prayers - as we believe this is the key to every success.

Now, after I missed my "monthly-bleeding" exactly A MONTH AFTER the Church Wedding, what more could we expect if nonetheless to hear a good news :) Not only my Hubby & myself were excited, but my Mom was definitely one, as well :) The funny and I think the most great part was, My MOM and my Hubby were the one who got sooooo EXCITED in purchasing the Pregnancy-Test-Kit. I felt so BLESSED and GRATEFUL.  They bought it at the Guardian @ City Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Cuteness !!!! I waited for another 7days before I checked on myself with the kit. Came the 8th "missing day", I then checked. It was +VE !!!! But, then again, we really wanted to confirm it we went to Permai Polyclinic in Donggongon Square, Penampang, Sabah to get a 2nd affirmation. Congratulations the Doctor said. Wohhoooo !!!! I tell you, WE ARE THE HAPPIEST HUMAN BEINGS AT THAT TIME :) Hubby and I couldn't be more THANKFUL to the Almighty God :)

So, the wonderful of 9months journey has begun. Take your sweet time to scroll the photos of "PREGGY-ME" below. It is merely a sharing, alright :) Most of my early pregnancy photos were taken at home with my naked belly which one could barely tell that I was carrying a child in my womb - a pretty small bump I had during my 1st-trimester :) Thus, allow me to just post photos of which were taken at my office, while doing a shopping, while having a good-time, so on and so forth. So, here we go...
I guess I might looked like a HIPPO :)

Bump was about 3-months. U couldn't hardly tell, could u?

At 3months with Hubby and graduating younger Bro Kenneth

Cutie bump at 4months ++

Trying to pose beautifully at near to 5months :)

Close to 5months when buddy Lina Emang delivered her 3rd son, Gabby :) Here was with buddies Evanna Edward and Rizidah Majawal

Still love to do "jalan-jalan" with buddies, few days before Christmas 2010

Managed to complete my Bachelor Degree's 6-months-practical on the 24/12/2010 :)
Christmas Xchange gifts among the beautiful siblings & cousins of MOTIUNG :)

7months++ at a cousin's wedding reception @ Beverly Hotel, KK Sabah. With Momsie dearest and bestcousin Sharon Ekol.

My new hairstyle to get prepared for the delivery and confinement period. Easier to maintain :) I was at 7months ++ :)

8months ++, FAT ME :P

Me and my supportive BOSS, Madam Juliah Lojumin at 8months ++

Me and my buddy Intan Hamzah - she's a real "candid" person, look at her, cute isn't she? :)

Me and buddy Suzan Julian - always the "like-my-mom" :) 

Having a good time ever !!!

Me and the rest of my CLOSEST colleagues, they are just FUN TO BE WITH :)

Well well well, after posting these photos, I kinda noticed that I don't have any DECENT photos at the end of my 3rd-trimester. It's okay I guess, the above ones are good enough already, aren't they? :)

Till then, Thank You so much for your time that you have reached the end of this post. Till my "DELIVERY" post, take care ya peeps !! :) God Bless You all ! :)

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