Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Brian Valerian Baptized as a Catholic

Hello there :)

Baby Brian was only 1month-16days old when we got him baptized on the 29th May 2011 (Sunday). It was held at the St. Thomas Catholic Church Kepayan, Sabah. Rev. Fr. Tony Mojiwat was the Priest who did the baptism.

With Rev. Fr. Tony Mojiwat & Brian's GodFather

The Sponsor (GodFather) is my Uncle Augustine Motiung. This Uncle and the wife are also our Witnesses for our Church Wedding.

In the arms of his GodFather

The Family :)

With bestbuddies - Nicholas Majiun, Dariah Petrus & Rosemerie Romeo

Brian loves to fall asleep in his Daddy's arms

One for the album - on the way back home :)

We are so proud and grateful that Brian Valerian has been baptized as a Catholic. Hope in the future, he'll be a GOOD FOLLOWER OF JESUS, OBEDIENT SON TO HIS PARENTS/ FAMILY and finally CHOOSES A GOOD FINE WAY OF LIVING. AMEN.

Okay then, guess that's all for this post. Thank You so much for your time spent reading this post :) Really appreciate it. God Bless You all :)

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