Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Eventually, a BLOG for SYLVRINA :)

Hello there everyone ~!!

What makes me to start BLOGGING ?

Well peeps, long before today, I never knew that blogging is really a FUN WAY to communicate with u and the community, for sure via the net. Previously, I really enjoyed myself reading blogs belonging to others, but TOO BAD that I never had any serious thoughts about creating my own blog.

Until these past few days that I finally made a decision that I guess I just have to create one for myself because I have lots of things to share (i think so *wink*) and who knows my sharings would be a benefit to others, as the saying goes SHARING IS CARING.. :)

By the way, since I am a SABAHAN and  I did my KINDY-PRIMARY-SECONDARY-TERTIARY studies locally, so kindly expect me to write simple English and of course, there will be some mixtures of MANGLISH-SABAHAN MALAY-KADAZANDUSUN, just to let myself to blog on my own signature way *wink*

Okay, I think I shall just stop here for this very INITIAL and NOVICE  post of mine. Till then, see you guys around and please allow me to say CONGRATULATIONS SYLVRINA :) Wohhhoooo !!! I did it !!!

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