Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Choosing the RIGHT NAME

The conversation on how the NAME of our SON being chosen...

Hubby : So, what will the name be?

Me      : Alexander, since our Confirmation Names start with an A?

Hubby : Sounds too classic...

Me      : Okay, what about if it starts with "B"?

Hubby : Brian ? Sounds nice eh?

Me      : Cool, but can we have his 2nd name from the name of a Saint?

Hubby : Suggestion?

Me      : Valerian..

Hubby : Nice pick ! It sounds interconnecting.. :) Then, Brian Valerian it is..

The moral of the story is... Try to get your spouse involved in making any BIG and IMPORTANT decisions, i.e the name of our kid/kids. As the Malay proverb says, "Harimau meninggalkan belang, Manusia meninggalkan nama" :)

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