Sunday, 5 February 2012

S.U.N.D.A.Y - a "chakui" day.

As usual and as an Obligation, Hubby and Baby Brian and of course yours truly, attended the Sunday Mass. For this week, we went to St. Simon Catholic Church, Likas, this morning. Today was the second week the mass said by Rev. Fr. Wilfred Atin as the Rector; Rev. Fr. Cosmas Lee is on long leave.

Baby Brian "drowned" in the ocean of Hymns sang by the "angelic-voiced-choirs" :)

After the mass, we went to Damai Plaza to get something to eat. As we were waiting for our orders to be served, I went to a small hawker stall selling "chakui, tausa piang, peanut & tausa sesame ball, hanchimpiang and tiny & small rounded chakui". 

Besides me, there were a few of other people purchased some kuih(s) too. As for me, I asked for one chakui and two peanut sesame balls. Well, it so happened there was this one middle-aged guy asked for a chakui, too. And apparently, the chakui I asked for was the last one and the guy had too wait for the next round of fry. Then, that Uncle suddenly said... "Woooa, almost everyone ask for chakui(s) too ! Oh yeah lah, it' Sunday.. it's a Chakui Day... 

Having heard that phrase, I smiled to myself... I think I would agree to his say. When I recall, I myself even buy a chakui or more almost every Sunday. Imagine having the chakui dipped into your hot drinks, oh dear.. Punya sedap tu !! :)

P/S : Please kindly pardon me if I spell the names of the kuih(s) wrongly .. Peace No War.

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